All performances have complied with the

government’s guidance on managing

the risk of COVID-19

COVID-19 Secure

For all physical shows, Brian has taken all reasonable steps to ensure

that he complies with the government's guidance with regard to

managing the risk of COVID-19

Brian has invested in equipment and PPE above and beyond what is required to ensure that all shows are as safe as they can be.

Here is a list of the current safety measures in place.

Face Mask

On arrival, setup and departure, Brian will always be wearing a PM2.5 facemask with a 5-layer activated carbon filter.


On arrival, setup and departure, Brian will always be wearing  Nitrile surgical gloves.

Face Shield

Brian always carries a face shield and this can be worn while performing if requested. However this would normally be worn to protect himself as opposed to the facemask which is to protect others.


Brian will sanitise his hands before and after every performance.

Antibacterial wipes

Brian will always have these to wipe down any equipment necessary.

Retractable perspex screen

If needed, Brian has his own retractable clear plastic screen 1.5m width x 2m height. Particularly useful for separation within a room or can be placed against an outside/patio door opening to keep the heat in, if the performance is outside and residents are inside.

Battery operated PA system

Brian uses a PA system that is battery operated. You will not need to supply electricity or plug sockets. No need for extension leads to be touched by anyone or taken outside as the PA is completely self sufficient.


Brian carries his own thermometer in case yours refuses to work or the battery dies as has happened on a couple of occasion. Brian will always have a back up and can take his own temperature and show you the reading from a safe distance.

Zero Contact

Brian will not touch anything at all. If it is absolutely necessary to touch a garden gate or a chair or anything, Brian will put on gloves and sanitise his hands straight away afterwards. Brian maintains at least 2 metres distance at all times and will not need to use any facilities including toilet facilities as he carries equipment in the car for every eventuality. 100% zero contact at all times.


Online performances


If for any reason you are unable to have a physical show, then for the

ultimate in safety, Brian's online, interactive shows are perfect for

every occasion.

Click here for details.